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South Carolina Emergency Contraception Event Notification Form



Name of Organization *


Phone number


Address 1


Address 2


E-mail address*


Information needed to post the event on our shared calendar and Web site:

Exact location of event


Date of event


Who is invited?


Who should people contact with questions (e-mail or phone number)?


Provide a three- to five-sentence description of the event.

Information needed for planning and coordination purposes …

Resources and Materials needed: (List the amount to all that apply):
(See a list of materials we offer)

Give-away items
Informational brochures for young women and men
Informational brochures for health care providers
Project Brochures
Other (please specify):

Who will be involved in the planning and execution of the event? (Please include information on organizations, sponsors, etc.)

What is the goal of the event? What do you hope to accomplish by doing the event?

Are you willing to speak with the media about this event? If yes, please provide the specific date(s), time(s), and place(s) when you would want media coverage?

How will you know you have been successful? (What measure of victory will you use? For example, you might aim at a specific number of petition signatures or letters written or a number of participants, media coverage, policy change, and/or the establishment of local activist groups.)

Would you like for someone from the Initiative to attend your event? How would you like for Initiative staff to assist you?

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