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Getting EC

Resources on Emergency Birth Control Pills from National, State, and Local Organizations

Need Emergency Birth Control Pills Now?

If you had unprotected sex in the past 72 hours (3 days), you may be worried – even panicked – that you might get pregnant. You need emergency birth control pills, also known as emergency contraception, ‘morning-after pills’ or Plan B®. You need to get emergency birth control pills quickly. Here are the easiest and fastest ways to get a prescription for emergency birth control pills.

If You Are Ages 17 or Older:

Emergency birth control pills, packaged as Plan B One-Step, are available without a prescription to women ages 17 and older. If you are ages 17 or older you can get Plan B® One-Step directly from a pharmacist without contacting a health care provider first. You DO NOT need a prescription but you do need government issued proof of age such as a driver's liscence, passport or birth certificate.

If You Are Under Age 17:

If you are under age 17, you need to see a health care provider who can provide or prescribe emergency birth control pills. Here are 3 ways to find a health care provider:

  1. Call your regular doctor or nurse practitioner, local family planning clinic, student health center, health department, or urgent care center to find out if they provide emergency birth control pills.
  2. Call your local health department which has 76 clinics in South Carolina. These clinics provide family planning and STD services, including most methods of contraception, to women of all ages. Charges may be covered by the State Family Planning Program or at a low cost, based on your ability to pay. To find the nearest clinic, please visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.
  3. Visit South Carolina’s only Planned Parenthood clinic, at 2712 Middleburg Drive, Suite 107, Columbia SC 29204; phone 803.256.4908. This health center offers walk-in visits (no appointment is needed) for emergency birth control pills. You may also get information about how to purchase emergency birth control pills online by visiting Finally, to find a Planned Parenthood Clinic outside of South Carolina, you can also call 1.800.230.PLAN. (You may also find it convenient to go to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, located at 4822 Albemarle Rd Ste 103, Charlotte, NC, 28205; phone 704.536.7233.) All Planned Parenthood clinics provide confidential care and services to young women and teens.
  4. Visit to find the nearest clinic, doctor, or nurse practitioner who will give you a prescription for emergency birth control pills. You simply type in your zip code.

    Or, call the toll-free, confidential 24-hour emergency birth control Hotline, 1.888.NOT.2.LATE (in English) or 1.866.TRES-DIAS (in Spanish). The hotline is automated, so you don’t have to talk with a real person.
Still Can't Get Plan B®?

Some Regular Birth Control Pills can be used as emergency birth control when PlanB® can’t be found or is too difficult to get. Learn more...

Do You Need Plan B® Because You Have Been Sexually Assaulted?

If you have been sexually assaulted or raped you may be worried about pregnancy. You can go to the nearest hospital emergency room to get Plan B®. In South Carolina, emergency rooms are required by law to provide emergency birth control to young women who have been raped or sexually assaulted if they ask for it. (If you also report the assault to the police, South Carolina law says that you won’t have to pay for medical care or for emergency birth control pills the hospital gives you. But you should also understand that in South Carolina you do not have to report sexual assault to the police. You can be treated and get emergency birth control pills without talking to the police.) For more information...
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