SC Emergency Contraception InitiativeEducating and empowering women in South Carolina by increasing awareness of and access to emergency birth control
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Get Involved

Woman and Mother PhotoYou can play an active and important role in helping get the word out about emergency birth control pills! This section provides important tips on how to educate young women and how to increase their access to emergency birth control pills.

Youth Get Involved! encourages young people to: learn about birth control methods including emergency birth control; get the medication in advance; educate their friends; and conduct “secret shopper” surveys of pharmacies.

Parents Get Involved! encourages parents to: talk to their children about their own values related to sexuality, sexual activity, and contraception; support their teen’s right to confidential health information and services; and advocate for youth-friendly access to emergency birth control.

Educators Get Involved! encourages teachers and other educators to: provide medically accurate information about emergency birth control pills; facilitate a lesson plan designed to teach young people about the myths and facts; and advocate for emergency birth control by writing articles to school and community newspapers.

Health Care Providers Get Involved! offers information on how to register with a national directory of emergency birth control providers; makes suggestions on ways to offer youth-friendly clinical services; provides guidance on serving sexual assault and rape survivors; and links to key resources for additional information.

Pharmacists Get Involved! offers information about a continuing education course on emergency birth control; makes suggestions on how to provide youth-friendly customer care; encourages effective referral systems for young women under age 18; and provides information about a recent survey on pharmacy access to Plan B.

Advocates Get Involved! suggests ways for advocates of emergency birth control to take action by: educating young women about Plan B®; improving access through health care providers and pharmacies; and supporting the South Carolina Emergency Contraception Initiative.
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