SC Emergency Contraception InitiativeEducating and empowering women in South Carolina by increasing awareness of and access to emergency birth control
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For Educators

Help educate and empower young women in your community by using this lesson plan during your next group meeting.

Educators Get Involved!

Young people need medically accurate and complete sex education – education that includes information about abstinence, contraception and even emergency contraception (also called emergency birth control, the morning after pill, or Plan B®). Educating young people about emergency birth control pills can help them to prevent pregnancy and /or abortion. Emergency birth control pills exist to help young women prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

Studies show that young women who are given emergency birth control pills do not use them in place of their regular birth control. Research further shows that once informed about emergency birth control pills, most young women would take the pills in an emergency. So, please educate youth about emergency birth control pills.
  1. Learn about emergency birth control pills. Click here for more information.
  2. Provide students in need with information about how to obtain emergency birth control pills.
  3. Include complete and accurate information on emergency birth control pills in classroom education. Click here to view a lesson plan.
  4. Provide students information about abstinence and other birth control methods. Learn more...
  5. Write articles about emergency birth control pills and submit the articles to high school, college, and local newspapers. Click here for media talking points.
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