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Birth Control and Other Methods of Contraception

Visit Advocates for Youth for information on all types of Contraception, including:

• Abstinence
• Birth Control Pills
• Cervical Cap
• Condoms – Male
• Condoms – Female
• Contraceptive Film
• Contraceptive Foam
• Contraceptive Implant
• Contraceptive Patch
• Contraceptive Ring
• Contraceptive Sponge
• Diaphragm
• Fertility Awareness
• Injectable Contraception
• The IUD
• Outercourse
• The Shield
• Suppositories
• Withdrawal

Emergency birth control works up to three days after sex to prevent pregnancy. But there are many other methods of birth control that can be used regularly to help couples prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV.

The Facts

Abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method to prevent pregnancy, HIV and other STDs. Like other methods of birth control, abstinence only works when used consistently and correctly.

If you are sexually active, it is important to choose a method of birth control and to use it consistently and correctly. Research shows that 85 out of 100 sexually active women who are not using any method of birth control will get pregnant over a year’s time.

Some methods can greatly lower the risk of pregnancy. The pill, patch and shot can be 92 to 99 percent effective against pregnancy when used consistently and correctly by couples who are sexually active. Put another way, fewer than 8 women out of 100 using one of these methods of birth control will get pregnant over a year’s time.

If you are having sex, condoms are highly effective at preventing HIV and very effective at helping reduce the risk of many other STDs.

Always remember. . .
  • two birth control methods are better than one (for example the patch and the condom!) and,
  • one method is better than none!

Use this section of to learn more about your choices in birth control methods. For more information, talk to your health care provider.

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